The most authentic pub crawl in Budapest

When backpackers come around for a pub crawl, there is one thing they crave more than anything else: authenticity. Travellers wish to see the real side of a city, especially when going out, and not some tourist trap or a Potemkin that is forced and contrived. This is why we have become the best pub crawl in Budapest over the years, because we take our customers to where the party is, and that requires an intimate knowledge of the city that other pub crawls just do not have. What is our secret? We love to party! We know where there is good nightlife because we live the nightlife, and we take you to parties that we ourselves would like to go to. This way, you can see all of the hip and cool bars that are trending right now, and get to see where locals with a bit of class kick back and relax, as well as a chance to meet other expats and travellers along the way.

Here is what we offer: 4 or maybe even 5 bars or pubs where you can get a taste of the local drinking customs and see a bit how this amazing city likes to loosen up, and afterwards we can get down at a superb club or disco, depending on what kind of music the company is into, and where the crowd is at that night. If you want to experience the most authentic pub crawl in Budapest, get at us at:

AllNightCrash Pub Crawl Budapest, Budapest,Oktogon 1,1066, +36 70 771 1775